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David Middleton

Hello to you,

Thank you for exploring our website and for your interest in our church. My name is Revd David Middleton and I am the new Pastor of Newport Baptist Church Shropshire (NBCS). We are a church going in new directions that may be of interest to you if you are looking for a church to make your spiritual home.

I came to NBCS from a healthcare context as an NHS Chaplain and from having worked with and exercised pastoral care ministry amongst vulnerable people. My ordination thirty years ago was as a Special Needs Pastor and my specialism is in pastoral care.

I am encouraging our church to focus on three things as our ministry for the Lord goes forward:

Firstly, I am seeking for us to model in our church the importance of care and compassion in our understanding of the nature and character of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we believe God is primarily and above all else a caring and compassionate God, then this should have a profound effect on what we believe God asks us to be and do. This will lead us to focus on ministry to and amongst those who are hurting and have various health challenges and those who are seen as weak and vulnerable in the world's eyes. We want to throw open a warm welcome to anyone who is disabled in any way; or who has general health and mental health problems; or who is bereaved and grieving and has suffered significant loss in their lives; or those who have life long or long term difficulties and struggles in terms of their health, well being and life circumstances. Please don't feel you have to have a disability or some such difficulty to attend our church, but please try us out if you want to believe in a God who cares for all of us in our vulnerabilities and needs and you want to be among like minded Christians.

Secondly, I am wanting us to be open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in all that we do. By that I don't necessarily mean in a way that people have generally assumed the Holy Spirit might work. We are not seeking disorder and chaos, nor necessarily an emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit: but rather a reflective searching and openness to the voice of the Holy Spirit within each of us giving spiritual words and insight to build up our fellowship and direct what we are doing as a church, and leading us all into a selfless personal attitude. I see the primary work of God's Spirit to make us less self centred, self promoting and self seeking; but rather God and other person centred.

Thirdly, you will find at our church a belief and practice in what is called expository preaching of the Bible. Our sermons are based on what a scripture passage will lead a preacher to say week by week as that person seeks the Spirit to guide their understanding of the scripture and its application for our church at this time. So we don't preach on themes or bring an idea to the Bible text each week to find the verses that will reinforce that idea, rather we let the Bible text form the message to the church.

So there you have it, that's our church. We are building on who we are as caring people and on a belief that God is calling us on to be so in greater measure. We would love for you to join us. You would be very welcome.

Revd David Middleton, Spring 2019

News sheet August 2019

Regular activities



10.30 am - Morning Worship and Junior Church, followed by refreshments. Communion 2nd Sunday in the month.

Reflective Worship

6.30pm Evening worship
Reflective Service
Scripture and liturgy based with quiet and gentle worship


Bible Study.

2 pm - Bible Study.

Bible Study


Sewing Grace

Sewing Grace.

10.00-12noon - Sewing Grace.
Caring and blessing through needle and thread  


First Steps

First Steps Drop in.

Pastoral Care for Parents & Carers.
10.00-11.30 am (First and Third Wednesday in month)

Esther ladies Fellowship

10.30 am - Esther (ladies) group meet at the church (2nd and 4th Wednesday in month)

Men's Fellowship

Men' Fellowship

2.30 pm Men's Fellowship meet at the church. (2nd and 4th Wednesday in month)


First Steps

First Steps.

10.00 - 11.30 am First Steps Toddler group

Prayer Meeting.

7 pm Prayer meeting